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Dryer Vent Cleaning

It's Not the Dryer, It's the Vent!

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Have you ever wondered why...

  • the dryer seems to get too hot?
  • the laundry room seems to get hot or humid?
  • you smell mold or mildew on your clothes?
  • you have to run the drying cycle more than one time?


Your dryer vent system will need to be cleaned at least one time per year. If you have a larger family of 4 or more people in the home, you may want to consider twice per year.

Did you know that a dryer vent clogged with lint is the number one cause of home fires? Did you know that your technician should always go to the roof to finish clearing the vent and check air flow? Most Florida homes dryer vents exhaust to the roof because of lizards, snakes, etc. So, the roof vent needs to be cleaned. Don't let someone clean your system without going to the roof. Also, did you know it's not to code to have a screen on the roof? The screen blocks the airflow and lint and does not allow for proper venting.

Your loads of laundry and amount of dryer use have a huge impact on your dryer vent system. Lint can build up quickly, which can cause your system to run hot putting you at risk of fire. And it can cause your laundry to dry slow affecting your utility bill.

Watch the video below to see how much lint was built up in one of our roof vents. Call us today! 941.268.9525

Why Clean Your Clothes Dryer Vent?

  • Safety - Lint is highly flammable and is carried throughout your vent system. As lint and other debris builds up in your vent system, it blocks air flow and creates potentially hazardous conditions including the possibility of a fire or even carbon monoxide poisoning in the case of gas clothes dryers.
  • Save $$$! - Lint buildup and clogged vents will cause your dryer to run hotter and longer which impacts your energy bills. Excess heat can also ruin your cothes and causes increased wear and tear on your appliance increasing the likelihood of needing repair.
  • Air Quality - Homes with gas clothes dryers that become clogged run the risk of carbon monoxide entering the home. In new homes, laundry rooms tend to be vented farther from an outside wall allowing for the increased risk of bends in the vent system and more places for lint to collect as well as a place for small animals to build their home.
  • Faster Drying Time - Your time IS MONEY. Imagine what it would be like to have a clean dryer vent that allows your dryer to work a peak efficiency! Faster drying times mean that your loads of laundry are done more quickly allowing you to enjoy more down time for rest, relaxation, hobbies and more.
  • Florida Homes throughout Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, North Port, Deep Creek, Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers and Cape Coral have ROOF VENTED DRYER VENT SYSTEMS! - Air can rise, especially hot air, but lint from your clothing is heavier. It can build up throughout the entire system and even all the way to the roof! Even systems that vent through the side of the house suffer this problem, however, vertically vented dryer vent systems are especially guilty of becoming clogged and creating all of the problems listed above!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Just Makes Sense.

Here Are The Facts...

  • The majority of home dryer vents in Florida have vents that go out through the roof. They need to be cleaned annually at the bare minimum and tested by a professional service. The technician should go on the roof to check air flow. Larger families with more laundry should consider a semi-annual cleaning.
  • Annual vent cleaning can improve your dryer efficiency and even lower your utility costs.
  • The Vent Doctor will clean your entire vent system from your dryer to the outside of your home. To be sure your vent is properly cleaned, be sure the technician has inspected the roof vent for blockage and has checked the air flow from the roof.
  • We use a high speed brush system with a HEPA vacuum and clean the entire duct system from the dryer to the roof vent or other exit vent. Our work is guaranteed!
  • The US Fire Administration reports that failure to clean (not electrical) was the leading factor in contributing to clothes dryer related fires. Download the PDF.


Is your Dryer Vent Clean or Dirty?

Don't let this happen to your family! Contact the Vent Doctor and have your dryer vent cleaning done today. Sleep better at night knowing your family is safe and your saving money and time!

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